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"Biomolecules - Identification and Functions"

Kraków, 19-20.10.2018


Department of Biochemistry and Neurobiology
Faculty of Materials Science and Technology
AGH University of Science and Technology

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to Cracow for the 13th International Seminar on "Biomolecules - Identification and Functions". We cordially invite you to participate in our meeting. We are glad to offer you an excellent opportunity for scientific discussions in a stimulating atmosphere of the Royal Capital City of Cracow.


First day will be devoted to presentations and a poster session, while on the second day a practical workshop will be arranged to present novel aspects of identification techniques of biomolecules, including mass spectrometry, immunodetection, sample preparation methods, and data mining, together with their applications in proteomics and allied topics. We already have confirmation from the leading scientists: Professor Gaetano Malgieri (Universita degli Studi Della Campania, Caserta, Italy)


We regret to inform that, due to limited space in our laboratory, we are able to accept ca. 25 people during the second day (workshop) but the good news is that the lectures and poster session (first day) are available to all interested participants. Details for poster dimension and abstract template will be provided soon on our website.


The entire meeting is free of charge, including coffee breaks (please see our list of Sponsors). The official language is English. The organizers do not provide accommodation but a short list of places at reasonable prices is given.


Those who are planning to participate in either part of the workshop are kindly asked to send confirmation before September 15th.


Here You can find a formal letterannouncing the conference: FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT


Looking forward to seeing you in Cracow,





Zapraszamy studentów zainteresowanych wyjazdem do University of Catania. Więcej informacji pod linkiem.





Zapraszamy studentów zainteresowanych wyjazdem do University of Wolverhampton. Więcej informacji pod linkiem.






We kindly invite students to participate in the course Brain Tales run in the summer term 2017/2018. More information might be found on the web site: https://esa.agh.edu.pl/courses/980






The Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia seeks students willing to study for one semester. Persons interested in this Erasmus exchange programme should contact Prof. Jerzy Silberring (jerzy.silberring@agh.edu.pl).







We cordially invite you to attend the lecture of

Professor Giuseppe Grasso (Department of Chemistry at University of Catania)

on May 25th, at 1:00 pm in the room number 131, building H-B3/B4





Dnia 17 marca 2017 pracownicy Katedry Biochemii i Neurobiologii WIMiC zaprezentowali pokaz chemiczny w LO im. Jana Matejki w Wieliczce. Film z pokazu można obejrzeć pod linkiem.










Egzamin poprawkowy z biochemii dla kierunku Ochrona Środowiska

będzie miał miejsce 13.IX (wtorek) o godzinie 11:00 w sali 131, budynek B4


Egzamin poprawkowy z biochemii dla kierunku Fizyka Medyczna

będzie miał miejsce 8.IX (czwartek) o godzinie 12:30 w sali 131, budynek B4




11th International Seminar: "Biomolecules - Identification and Functions". Kraków, 21-22.10.2016



We would like to invite you to participate in our meeting. For more information visit website of the Workshop.





Vienna Biocenter PhD Programme in Molecular Life Sciences


Dear Sir/Madam


The Vienna Biocenter PhD programme in Molecular Life Sciences (www.vbcphdprogramme.at) is a programme for talented and highly motivated students of any nationality; we put particular importance on having a good mix of students from various countries.


Research at the VBC covers a range of topics in modern biological sciences, including gene regulation, cell division, neural circuits, and evolutionary genomics. The programme supports its students in their scientific explorations, providing state-of-the-art equipment, expert scientific advisors, and extensive scientific and administrative support. The VBC PhD programme is the place for young researchers to put their creativity, ideas, and enthusiasm to work, addressing fundamental questions about how life works.


It’s also not just about science - Vienna is consistently rated as one of the top cities in the world for quality of life. It is a fun, young city embedded in beautiful old buildings, horse-drawn carriages, and traditional coffee houses. There’s plenty to do: restaurants, cafés, theater, bars, clubs, movies, sports – so students certainly won’t be bored here!


Best regards from Vienna,

Christopher Robinson

PhD Administrator

Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (I.M.P.)

Dr. Bohr-Gasse 7

A-1030 Vienna


Tel.: +43 1 797 30/3001

e-mail: robinson@imp.ac.at





Na stronie KBiN zostały umieszczone aktualne tematy prac inżynierskich i magisterskich na rok akademicki 2013/2014. Linki do odpowiednich stron znajdują się po lewej stronie w Menu.




W dniach 20-21 października odbyła się organizowana przez Katedrę Biochemii i Neurobiologii międzynarodowa konferencja naukowa:

10th International Seminar "Biomolecules - Identification and Functions".

Wszystkim uczestnikom dziękujemy za udział i zapraszamy do pobrania galerii.




Katedra Biochemii i Neurobiologii brała udział w konferencji "29th Informal Meeting on Mass Spectrometry" w Fierra di Primero, Włochy.

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